About Bear Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District

Our History

In 1973 a group of property owners located on Bear Lake felt the need to form an organization that could work toward identifying current and future possible problems with the lake. At the time the only official path to go was to form a Lake Association. In general, A Lake Association is an informal group of citizens getting together to discuss any problems or projects that at the time concerned the conditions of the lake. Projects that were contemplated for the lake that did not conflict with DNR regulations could be proposed and funded through contributions. There are no means of raising funds by assessment. Lake Associations also are a source of information and fellowship for the property owners.

The Association was formed and work was started. It soon became apparent that since funds for projects could only be raised through contributions there was no way to count on a reliable source of money for continued projects. The Association continues today with their own agenda.

Some time prior to 1977 the Wisconsin State government passed a law that allowed for the formation of lake districts. This option is a government body formed in accordance with State Laws. It has an elected Board of Commissioners and elected officers consisting of a chairman, secretary and treasurer of the board. There are two other members of the board appointed by the County and Town governments. Lake Districts are taxing bodies that obtain funds from the levy of taxes on the property taxes of the district members. Districts have specific boundaries established at the time of incorporation. The funds from taxation are used for projects on the lake that have been approved by the district property owners at their annual meeting.

The Bear Lake District was formed in fall of 1975 by property owners around the lake. The District became finalized in 1977. Over the forty plus years that the Bear Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District has been in incorporated, there have been many projects that involved water quality, fish studies, fish stocking and general lake conditions. Some of the projects have been done by the property owners and others with various consulting firms on projects that are more complex in nature and required technical expertise.

Lake Projects

Some specific lake projects;

  • 1984 Summary of existing conditions and creation of implementation manual
  • 1985 to present After ice out bi-monthly water sampling and analysis for dissolved oxygen content, ph level, water clarity, nutrients, and temperature
  • 1989 Septic maintenance program
  • 1992 Sedimentation study with Blue Water Science Corp.
  • 1995 Development of 5-10 year management plan
  • 1997 Spring walleye survey
  • 2001 Easement for water level structure (dam) obtained from Tomahawk Timberlands
  • 2003 Application for permit to construct water level control structure submitted to DNR
  • 2005 Water level structure construction (dam) completed in Bear creek
  • 2011 District boundaries clarified and submitted to Oneida County
  • 2015 Comprehensive three year lake management study started with White Water Associates

Into The Future

There will be many future projects that will be done around the lake. It is important that the members of the District make themselves aware of the projects going on now and in the future by attending Board and Annual meetings and to make themselves available as volunteers.

For more information on lake organizations go to www.wisconsinlakes.org.


While every effort has been made to provide current and correct information on this website there may be times when this information is out of date. The posting of meeting and information dates, agendas, budgets, and other information required by law should be verified by the notices posted in the Lakeland Times, the Town of Minocqua Clerks Office and the Town of Hazelhurst Clerks Offices.

Early Bear Lake Cabin
Church Home (circa 1900) Located where 11035 Church Dr. address is now. Cabin lost in a forest fire.
Young Barred Owl
Young Barred Owl